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Our man-guard service provides well trained security personnel to help secure your premises around the clock. TPS security personnel are trained to patrol, monitor and report on any suspicious or potentially threatening situation around the clients premises. Our basic service ensures that you have 24 hours security at all times acting as a deterrence to would be intruders.

Our specialised man-guard services include;

Centralised Security Solution (CSS)
This service is specially designed for clients with a significant number of multiple locations, like banks and property management companies. The CSS provides a single hub to manage all security concerns of the client. It includes a free security assessment of all the sites; a dedicated account manager and call centre number, free response team, inbuilt flexibility to move personnel around within the same contract at no cost.

The CSS ensures that all security concerns are addressed with one phone call and with a single dedicated security provider.

Residential Deployment Module (RDM)
RDM is specifically for homes in a common area, gated communities and residential complexes. We design a system that ensures that the community is secured as one unit. All entry points are manned by security personnel, while the main estates are guarded by stationary and patrolling security personnel.

This ensures that residents can own the security in their community. For 24 hours, they and their loved ones can enjoy their homes and surroundings without any anxiety for their safety.

Corporate Security Program (CSP)
As part of our CSP service, we not only ensure security for your premises but also manage health and safety concerns for your organization. TPS will also manage your front desk operations, our professional guards act as ambassadors, representing the face of your business to the world. We also provide overnight patrols and electronic security system (CCTV, fire and burglar alarm) management.

› Personnel Background Checks

TPS helps managers and organizations verify claims made by potential employees on their job application documents. This service allows the employer the peace of mind to focus on the technical skills of the potential employee and not have to worry about troubling work related or criminal issues that may not be included in the employee’s application.

Working with the Police CID and a crack team of investigators we present a clearer picture of the potential employee and make sure businesses and organizations make the right personnel choices in terms of competence and character.

› Security Assessments

Our Assessments Unit works with corporate and individual clients to evaluate the adequacy of security for new or existing locations.

We help our clients identify potential security lapses in their premises before those lapses are taken advantage of by criminals. TPS works with the client to correct shortfalls in the security of their premises to ensure that they have a safe and secure occupation of the property.

This service is also used to determine the security issues for locations that will be used for events and programmes.